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VersaClear® – The First Professional Grade Non-LED Light Therapy System

Theralight’s VersaClear® machine is a skincare expert’s secret weapon! It is NOT an LED and is one of the most advanced, hands-free, high quality, professional grade light therapy system in the skin care industry.

hands-free light therapy system

2 Professional Grade Light Therapy Systems:

The beauty of the VersaClear® light therapy system lies, not just in the platform, but in the light modules. These modules sit on a mobile platform with flexible arms to allow clients to rest at positions most comfortable for them (i.e. laying, standing, sitting). There are 2 types of modules, each sold based on the buyer’s expertise and preference:

1. VersaClear® ProSpa grade light therapy system for skincare and beautification

professional grade light therapy

The VersaClear® Pro machine is designed to benefit the facial spa arena and assists in the beautification techniques carried out by Estheticians and licensed spa experts. Its light modules contain a white fluorescent bulb inside an induction lamp, making it much safer than most conventional lamps, even LEDs.

The colors of light are passed through filters, ranging in wavelengths between 400 nm and 700 nm, to avoid ALL safety concerns. There are 5 colored filter options: violet, blue, green, yellow, and red. Each will provide effective results based on skin types.

The light module itself is built with high regards for its safety. In addition to passing colors, the filters also act as a protective barrier for additional safety purposes.

2. VersaClear® Model 100Must be used by a medical professional

The VersaClear® Skin Therapy System 100 is generally indicated to treat dermatological conditions, such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and more. UVA light modules are indicated for patients who require specific ultraviolet radiation therapy for diagnosed skin disorders.

Special Features and System Description

Both VersaClear® systems consist of 4 main components:


The light modules are mounted on an articulating arm, that is connected to a mobile platform consisting of:

  • interchangeable colored filters that slide in and out of each light module easily.
  • different wavelengths (different colors) to allow for a variety of cosmetic skincare options.
  • more cost-effective than any high end, professional, light therapy machine in the market

Integral System controls are located in the Control Box. These consist of:


Advantages of Using VersaClear®

  • VersaClear® utilizes the patented Osram® Sylvania® Icetron® magnetic induction lighting technology to produce the perfect light therapy system.
  • The unique feature of the Icetron lamp design is that output power is 4 times that of traditional fluorescent lamps, double the blue spectrum output of products utilizing metal halide lamps, and equivalent output to the most powerful blue LEDs. But is it safe? Absolutely! Our filters are made of poly carbonate to stop all UV light. LEDs have the danger of getting too hot if exposed to too much power. The VersaClear® system’s lamp module temperature is controlled by a fan, backed up by a thermostat that would shut the lamp off should safe temperature limits be exceeded.
  • Illumination areas are large and a pair of Icetron light modules is well suited for treating both sides of the face, or for broader skin areas (e.g. shoulders, back).
  • The VersaClear® platform is highly versatile. The mobile base and articulating arm design allows for adjustment to fit whatever profile is most convenient and relaxing for the patient, who may be sitting, reclining, or lying down.
  • Leading Edge Technology

    • Unique patented Osram® Sylvania® magnetic induction technology
    • High fluency and spectral purity for optimal treatment effectiveness
    • Large exposure field for maximum skin coverage

    Simple and Easy to Use

    • Fast set-up
    • Simple, ergonomic controls
    • Mobile base for easy transport
    • Articulated arm for easy positioning
    • Fully automatic and does not require an operator’s presence during treatment.

    Unmatched Value

    • Low acquisition cost
    • Low running cost
    • Low maintenance cost

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