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Specifications for VersaClear® Light Therapy System

The VersaClear® light therapy system is a spa-grade, hands-free, mobile unit that allows a wide area coverage of the face and body.

light therapy system

Technical Specifications

AC Supply Connection120V ~,50/60Hz240V~,50/60Hz
Power Input350 VA nominal
Equipment ClassClass I

Operating Environment

Temperature+10C to +30C
Relative Humdity30% to 75%
Atmospheric Pressure700 hPa to 1060 hPa


Height51 in.(130 cm)
Diameter of Base31 in.(79 cm)
Maximum Extension34 in.(86 cm)
Maximum Vertical Rise18 in. (46 cm)
Weight80 lbs. (36 kg.)

Performance Specifications

Output Blue 42040 mw/cm2 max
Output Red 61540 mw/cm2 max
Output UVA1 36835 mw/cm2 max

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