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Thaumaturgic Bio Mist Reviews

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Sunburn Relief
best relief for sunburns
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“The next morning I woke up to refreshed, soothed, non-burned or irritated skin! My face just looked nice and tan!” ~ Cindy Batchelor

“I also tested this Bio Mist on my back after a full day in the sun gardening. The sting was real, I knew a sunburn was imminent. I laid this stuff on! All night long… By the next day – I had a brown tan, no peeling, no pain. Here’s my next morning “no burn” evidence- Excuse my bony body…” ~ Angie Lalonde

“There is nothing more amazing than finding a product that’s not just natural, hypoallergenic, but also works! Sunburns can be such a pain (literally) and this relief is better than any aloe vera I’ve ever tried! Best part is, the relief is neither cool, hot, or anything at all, but just plain progression! Check out my own personal proof!” ~ K. Cruz


“I loved using this spray on my bikini line after I waxed. My skin is always super red, bumpy swollen, and irritated after I go all “kelly clarkson” on my poor lady parts. I’d love to share before and after pics LOL- but I’d no longer be a PG site. Instead I’ll preach the fact it was super cooling on my skin and definitely helped speed-up the healing process.” ~ Angie Lalonde

“I recently used a razor that apparently needed to be thrown out along with a my husband’s shaving cream and the combination was lethal. The legs were somewhat burned but the bikini area was super burned. Needless to say, after I got out of the shower lotion seemed out of the question. Immediately after spritzing my legs and bikini area with Thaumaturgic Bio Mist, the burning and itching stopped. The great thing was, it never came back. Just for the heck of it, I spritzed my legs again that night but they never became inflamed again. Typically, day two is itchy and terrible but not this go round!” ~ Kaycee Mason

“It works well for soothing the redness caused by acne, and redness or inflammation due to waxing or shaving (Speaking of which, I totally have used this after shaving that sensitive bikini area and found it works wonders for soothing razor burn!)” ~ Cindy Batchelor


“I do have a bit of rosacea on my cheeks which make them appear red. I’ve been using Thaumaturgic Bio Mist for almost 4 weeks now, and I see a difference. Granted, it won’t happen overnight, but this does help!” ~ Christy Maurer

On Kids

“For 3 days I sprayed the Bio Mist in the effected area on my daughters face, once in the morning and once at night. It doesn’t sting and dries rather quickly so she didn’t mind using it. You guys, will not believe the results she had! See for yourself…” ~ Kristin Whiteside

bio mist product review

“2 days after I first noticed the bites, and only 2 sprays of Bio Mist – they were basically gone! Just a couple of dark spots where they had been. And they resolved very quickly after that. Frankly, I was pretty amazed. Where my daughter had previously taken 2 weeks to resolve bug bites, she was able to do it in 2 days with the assistance of Bio Mist.” ~ Alicia Antonio

Overall …

“I’ll have to be truthful here….I’m a bit addicted to Thaumaturgic Bio Mist! I use it on my face in the morning and before bed. I use it on hangnails or scrapes. I use it for helping to hydrate my dry skin. I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself! You’ll love that it is free from parabens, fragrances, artificial colors, sodium sulfates, oils, alcohol, and preservatives. Use it with confidence and use it often! You’ll thank me!” ~ Christy Maurer

“From time to time my husband would go out to catch fish and come back home with cuts on his feet or hands. Usually I would treat it for him with a generic antiseptic, but when I pulled out my Bio Mist he was shocked that it eased up the immediate pain, did not sting at all and healed up a lot faster than usual!” ~ Candice Marie

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