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dry skin treatment

How to Get the Best Thaumaturgic Results for Dry Skin

Winter can be so tough on our skin, regardless of how much we try to keep it from the cold. I bet you’ve wondered how and why your skin still gets dry when you’ve been in a heated room for days at a time.

dry skin treatment

4 Helpful Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

First and foremost, be mindful of how you treat your skin during the cold days:

  1. Don’t stay under heated water too long

  2. The immediate reaction people typically have when it’s cold is to stay warm. Hot baths or long showers and sometimes turning up the heat can feel good, but at a cost for your skin.

    Exposure to hot water for a longer than normal amount of time can strip away a significant amount of natural, protective oils on your skin. These natural oils keep your skin from being dried, which it needs so much more during the cold season.

    Cold air can cause the humidity level to dip, stripping away some of the water and natural moisture from your body. Dry skin is often the result, which you usually feel right around your nose and fingers, even knuckles.

  3. Watch out for harsh ingredients

  4. Sometimes the advertisements you find for special creams and serums can be deceiving. Their ingredients might consist of elements that actually dry your skin. If this list is too long for you to remember and you’re already at the store, just avoid the fragrant stuff.

  5. Don’t turn the heater up too high

  6. We tend to think heating would help us. However, it actually sucks away the humidity we need to keep our skin slightly moisturized. So try not to turn up the heat too high. Just enough that it’s tolerable and not too comfortable that it could also make you tired.

  7. Hydrate

  8. Remember that cold air can suck the moisture right out of us. The best way to combat this is to hydrate as much as possible. After all, our body is composed of at least 70% water.

The Ultimate Skincare Routine to Tackle Dry Skin Fast!

Dry skin is so uncomfortable that it makes everything around you a slightly miserable experience. All you want to do is moisturize and moisturize, but sometimes no matter how much you’ve done it, the discomfort is still there.

dry skin treatment

So when caring for dry skin in the Winter, it’s best to follow these steps:

  1. Wash your face clean
  2. Spray the Thaumaturgic Bio Mist and Wait for It to Air Dry
  3. Thaumaturgic Bio Mist has an isotonic solution that helps to maintain the salt and water in the affected area. This isotonic solution helps provide the best results and is similar to the saline cleaning solution used by hospitals to clean wounds. It’s non-irritating and will not harm normal tissues.

    For best results, use once a day, on a clean face before bedtime. Spray (you will feel a tingle once, because your face is dry) then air dry for at least 5 minutes prior to the application of serums.

  4. Apply Serum(s)
  5. Apply your favorite serum once the Bio Mist has dried.

  6. Add Your Face Cream
  7. All skincare products need application gaps in order for the best results. Try to wait at least 5 minutes before you add a face cream so you get the best results from your products.

Following these easy steps can help get you on the way to healthier, smoother looking skin faster than you expect!

Karlyn Bishop

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