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Light Therapy Color Options

First things first, how does light therapy work?


VioletViolet Light

  • Violet is called the “low level Blue” in studies related to acne light therapy.
  • Particularly effective against acne vulgaris.
  • Enables the skin to encourage cell growth.


Blue Light

  • Treatment of mild to moderate acne secondary to staph, yeast and fungal infections.
  • Beneficial in addressing certain superficial, benign vascular lesions.
  • Treats warts and other viral skin problems. 


Green Light

  • Increase penetration to address problems blue light cannot reach.
  • Reduces any inflammatory process.
  • sometimes used with red and blue lights which the Prism system facilitates.


Yellow Light

  • Tones and strengthens muscles under the epidermis.
  • Brings tightness back.
  • Aids in the anti-aging process.
  • Reduces redness, swelling and inflammation such as Rosacea, sunburn and radiation burns.


Red Light

  • Fills in small wrinkles by repairing damaged collagen.
  • Increased collagen production takes place in a period of 8-10 weeks of treatment with a 2x per week protocol.
  • Brightens aging skin by evening out skin tone and addressing age spots.
  • Routine refreshment of treatment is recommended every 3-6 months.

Natural Is the Most Powerful Solution

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright