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what is HOCL

An Introduction to HOCL

Many people love feeling and looking young. Who doesn’t? Sadly, age only moves in one direction.

what is HOCL fight pathogens

Our skin is not just on us for cosmetic reasons. It has many important functions, including the ability to protect us from pathogens, bacteria, and infections that could do potential damage to us. When our skin goes through trauma, such as a cut or wound, white blood cells release an oxidant, called Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) to act as a natural disinfectant by neutralizing pathogens.

Skin care is quite obvious for many people. Someone who takes care of his or her skin typically looks healthier and fresher than a person who doesn’t. This is why new products to achieve youthful skin are always being introduced into the skincare market.

Stem cells, the newest phenomenon in skincare ingredients, replicates cell types, helping to naturally boost collagen in the most effective manner possible. It’s derived from either plants or animals. The only problem is the expense to produce these stem cells. They are NOT cheap!

Now that scientists have found a way to produce HOCL with the help of Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technology, a ray of hope has appeared for all of us. With the ability to reproduce HOCL, the look of aging doesn’t have to happen so quickly.

How HOCL Benefits Our Skin

HOCL is found to benefit the skin in so many ways. Stimulating the skin cells in the most positive ways can help bring out more rejuvenated skin. It also helps protect the skin, while it corrects as much damage as it can possibly correct.

Acne is a great example of a skin condition that’s best treated with HOCL. Acne is due to an accumulation of oils and buildup on the skin. To clean this up, HOCL comes over with its disinfectants, reducing the chance of acne formations, blackheads, and more.

Since HOCL is naturally produced in our body, it’s not only more effective as a disinfectant than anything you’ve ever purchased over-the-counter, but it’s also more effective as a healing agent in many ways.

Got rashes? A topical solution with the right amount of HOCL can soothe and keep the allergens and pathogens away. And just wait a few minutes and you will surely find the miracles of HOCL truly happen as your rash disappears!

Are you scheduled for a microdermabrasion? HOCL is very effective after an abrasive treatment. If you’ve got a topical HOCL solution, don’t be afraid to apply it onto your clean face. Let it dry naturally for a few minutes before putting anything else on it. Feel it soothe your skin!


Natural Is the Most Powerful Solution

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright