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Health Benefits of Different Colors of Light

We’ve published a lot of information about the skincare benefits of light therapy, but there are actually health benefits to consider as well. According to Mayo Clinic, an artificial box of light, much like the light therapy machines offered by Theralight, is often used to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD), depression that takes place at a certain time of year.

Do you ever feel blue during a gloomy, overcast or rainy day? For some people this mood turns into more than just a tiresome, “not feeling like doing anything” day. For some people, it can actually turn into internal darkness, fatigue, feelings of questionable self-worth ~ depression.

How does light therapy treat depression?

A light box or light therapy system can mimic natural outdoor light. It sends signals to the brain, creating different activities to take place. The sessions usually take about 15 to 20 minutes at a time, depending on the intensity of light.

A recent customer, Nina, who loves using our new Babyface system mentioned her need to use it for the reduction of age spots on her face. The yellow, she felt, had been the most effective for her skin type. She shared her love for the changes that have begun to take place after only 2 months and how happy she felt about being able to gain those results without having to do a chemical peel.

However, it wasn’t just the skincare changes, that Nina was most excited about. It was her recent health discovery. She had been suffering from postpartum depression and a major lack of energy for about 3 years now (since she’s had her baby). She’s tried changing her diet, creating a fitness routine and sleeping on a more normal time schedule. However, she still fights depression, which creeps up on her and causes her to feel unwanted and just miserable.

After using the light therapy system, her husband was the first to notice a difference. After 2 months, she was doing more things as she suddenly felt more energized. She didn’t realize for a while that she had not felt depressed, but she did notice her sudden ability to ignore the little things that used to bother her.

When using our light therapy systems, a person will sit under the light and just relax. A nice nap or even meditation to clear the mind is always a great idea. Some feel it best to use after a good workout or in combination with their favorite music.

What are the mental healing properties of different colors of light?

Many experts believe different colors of light can help our body react in positive ways. Dr. Laura De Giorgio states that “color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind” and lists the different effects of Chromotherapy or Color Therapy. For example, different colors of light can provide the following healing properties:

Red: Energy, warmth, stimulation.

Orange: Stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.

Yellow: Relieves stress and nerves (reads: Relieves stress and nerves).

Green: Can treat hormonal imbalance. Balances mind and body.

Blue: Can provide a cooling feeling, resulting in peace and tranquility.

Violet: Also known as “colors of transformation.” Can help soothe mental and emotional stress. Helpful for those with insomnia and an over-active heart.

What are the overall health effects of different colors of light?

Besides the mental state of a person, light can also have the following benefits on your body and its various functions:

Red: Great for anemia and blood related conditions.

Orange:Great for the thyroid, lungs, and digestion.

Yellow: Great for the stomach, liver, and promotes healthy bowel movements. (reads: Great for the stomach, liver, and promotes healthy bowel movements).

Green: Improves blood pressure and heart conditions.

Blue: Improves blood pressure, inflammation, and headaches.

Violet: Strengthens the immune system and is great for detoxification.

Now, are you more convinced about why light therapy has become so popular?


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