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Frequently Asked Questions

Why we don’t have LED bulbs
What is the recommended time for each session?
What do wavelengths mean?
Why is your VersaClear® allowed to be used by an Esthetician AND a Physician?
Can you have a light therapy treatment without goggles?

1. What’s the difference between Theralight’s icetron lamps and LEDs?

There are many reasons that make Theralight’s light therapy systems very special One of the major reasons is that it doesn’t use LED bulbs:

1. Low Maintenance – our bulbs will last up to 100,000 hours (approximately 8 to 10 years depending on usage). Most LED bulbs have short lives. When LED bulbs burn out, replacements are often expensive. Sometimes you may even have to spend money to purchase the entire light module.

2. Colors are embedded in LEDs. Icetron lamps are white with colored filters – When the LED bulbs go out, you will have gaps. Light should always spread evenly on your skin. Otherwise, you will stand a chance of missing areas, where light therapy should be.

3. No danger of bulb burning out – LED lights can be unstable and can get very hot if left on too long. Our bulbs can be left on for long periods of time and the heat will always stay the same.

4. LEDs have harmful chemicals – LEDs are popular because they are marketed to have no mercury, but studies do show that they instead have arsenic, lead, and many other harmful substances.

2. What is the recommended time for each session?

We recommend 20 minutes. However, keep in mind that although you can have a 30 minute light therapy session, your skin can only absorb up to 30 minutes of artificial light therapy. After that, it stops working.

3. What do wavelengths mean?

Each color is generated by wavelengths measured in nanometers (see below). Violet is approximately 400 nm while red is approximately 700 nm.
Light’s penetration into the skin depends on the colors of light, again measured in nanometers. Violet is often used to kill the bacteria on the surface of your skin, leading to mild acne. Check out the other colors here >>

4. Why is your VersaClear® allowed to be used by an Esthetician AND a Physician?

This is where the confusion often lies with the VersaClear™ machine. There are 2 models, each one will be made and delivered based on the buyer’s expertise. The difference lies in the modules. An Esthetician will have a different light module than a Physician. The Physician’s version can be used by a PA under the Physician’s supervision. We would never sell a Physician’s model to an Esthetician.

5. Can you have a light therapy treatment without goggles?

Because of the intensity of light generated by the icetron lamps on the hands-free VersaClear® light therapy system, it is highly recommended that goggles be used for precaution. Though most people believe that removing the goggles will help to provide therapy on the skin over and around the eyes, the capabilities of the VersaClear®’s light intensity along with the amount of wavelengths reached by the light can help spread enough photons throughout the skin, potentially reaching areas that are not directly exposed.

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