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About TheraLight® and Why They Offer the Best in Light Therapy Products

What Makes It the Best Light Therapy Products Made?

Light therapy by TheraLight, Inc. offers the most effective skin treatments via medical and/or cosmetic systems established with strong considerations for Physics, Engineering, Physiology, and Science.

For many years, LED systems have been the top choice for light therapy. Then Osram Sylvania came along and have since created products to help solve our global sustainability challenges. With this in mind, Theralight’s engineers combined the magic of light produced by Osram Sylvania’s icetron lamps with the design to create the perfect, hands-free, light therapy system.

Today, TheraLight® has the single worldwide license from Osram Sylvania to Icetron lamp technology for the treatment of skin disorders.

Not only do they pay attention to the benefits of global sustainability, but Theralight, Inc. also prides itself in the quality of their products. Each product is made to last with the ability to product the absolute best results.


About Theralight, Inc.

Made in the U.S.A.

TheraLight, Inc. was founded in July 2000. It is privately owned and operated from its facilities in Carlsbad, California.

Worldwide Distribution

TheraLight products are distributed via a constantly expanding worldwide network of independent medical equipment distributors.

Company Mission

Theralight, Inc. always stands by its mission to provide the most competitive, innovative, world-class, quality light therapy products to its customers.


TheraLight’s targeted phototherapy instrumentation and method are patented in the U.S.A. (No. 6,413,268 issued 2 July, 2002). This patent includes the method of using selected lamp-based radiation, which allows for the treatment of contiguous skin segments. It is the only system in the world that provides the Physician with the option of using either targeted UVB or UVA.

An additional patent (No. 6,447,537) for Theralight machines establishes a platform for the development of future, innovative phototherapy products.

Instrumentation patents are pending worldwide.

These patents are a demonstration of the company’s long-term commitment to develop products that are based upon sound scientific principles. It is the company’s ambition to understand the underlying Photobiology of the diseases its products will treat.


According to the FDA, “LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are different from laser diodes and are not subject to the Federal laser product performance standard.”

Theralight, on the other hand, have met FDA’s standards and manufacture FDA cleared light therapy systems.

Now, if you want to go further into understanding how Theralight, Inc. manufactures the best in light therapy products, you really should take a look at our products section and read more about their specifications and more!

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