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6 Ways Estheticians Benefit From Light Therapy

An Esthetician is that special person we all visit at a salon or spa who makes us feel pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Most Estheticians are licensed to provide any of the following services:

  • Skin care (i.e. exfoliations, facials)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Hair Removal, Waxing
  • Body Wrap

Many Estheticians receive the satisfaction of knowing their clients are happy and relaxed after a nice facial. Sometimes the clients will voice their enthusiasm, but an Esthetician generally knows whether or not they’ve done a great job when they get a returned visit. Of course, it’s even better when that returned visit also includes a friend.

The new age of skin care technology has introduced many great devices. In the past few years, the hype had been about the LED light therapy systems. Then scientists realized there were even better options for light therapy using more sophisticated bulbs with far more advantageous results than what LEDs can offer.

If you’re an Esthetician and still haven’t experienced the benefits of light therapy, these points might help:

  1. Treatment variations

    As an Esthetician, you want to be able to offer your clients a varied selection of treatments. People have different skin, therefore different treatments based on their skin type should be considered. With the right light therapy system, you can offer skin treatments based on specific concerns.

    Yellow and red light therapy are very helpful towards anti-aging treatments. They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help tone and rejuvenate the skin. Violet and blue light are perfect for treating acne. Green and yellow lights are great for treating discolorations and age spots.

  2. Boosts the effects of treatments

    Light therapy can be a treatment all on their own. However, if, for example, a client came in for an acne microdermabrasion, the light therapy in conjunction with microdermabrasion will not only improve results, but it will also help reduce future breakouts.
  3. Healing time is reduced for more aggressive treatments

    If a treatment causes redness, light therapy can help reduce that redness, helping ease the worries of a client.
  4. Clients feel more pampered

    With an added session of light therapy, your clients will feel really pampered. Many believe the longer they spend in a spa, the more relaxed they feel. This will leave your clients feeling more satisfied and at ease with their sessions.
  5. You have the latest in skin care technology

    Believe it or not, there are still quite a few spas without a light therapy system. Those who have it are able to offer something wonderful to their clients because they know they have the latest and one of the most popular systems in skin care.
  6. Clients have the need to keep coming back

    Light therapy is a beautiful thing once you begin to see results. The only thing it needs for that to happen is patience. When using light therapy, it’s important to know that consistency (especially in the early stages) must take place in order for it to work. Want to get your clients to keep coming back for more frequent sessions? This should do it! This will drive them to keep coming back, not just for the pampering you will give them, but because they will be excited about the results of light therapy after every session.

Now that you know about the advantages of having a light therapy system, how about having a top of the line, spa grade system for a top dollar amount? If you’re a new Theralight client, please ask about our special first-time client special!


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